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内容导读:  1、考题示例  仔细观看下列海报,写一篇短文阐述图中所表达的奥运精神。  要求:表达连贯,可适当发挥想象,100词左右。  参考词汇:羽毛球badminton橄榄忮olive branch接力棒baton  2、参考范文  com




  参考词汇:羽毛球badminton橄榄忮olive branch接力棒baton


  competing 竞争

  Competition is a common phenomenon in our social life. We compete when we play games and when we try to do better than others in our study. There is constant competition for academic degrees, jobs, customers, money and so forth. In a sense, competition is one of the motive force to the development of society.

  In fact, the only way our world reward people is to give laurels to the winners, not to the losers. What is more, by attempting to compete at different activities, we learn to win and lose, gain experience and know our strengths and weaknesses. Competition prepares us for the tough things in life.

  To go ahead, to acquire possession, we should be competitive. To us, industriousness and ambition are positive values.

  Whether in games, in study or in business alike, the aim is to win the game, the degree, the trophy, and the c治疗羊角风病什么医院好ontract. Learning to be competitive is clearly the best preparation for life.

  Olympics in Posters 海报奥林匹克

  There are two people in either posters, each of which tells something about Olympic spirits.


  In the first poster, two badminton players hold one gold medal together, which suggests that cooperation always comes first in Olympics. Although all the players struggles to be higher, faster, and stronger, the teamwork usually plays a very important role in a lot of events, such as football, group gymnastics and relay races.


  In the second poster, in the relay race one athlete is passing an olive branch, instead of a baton, on to the next one. What does it mean? It shows us that the Olympics mean more than just competition. Peace and friendship are also part of the Olympics!


  In short, all the events involved in Olympics are symbols of strength, competition and more importantly, cooperation and world peace.


乌鲁木齐哪个看癫痫好rong>  Positive and Negative Aspects of Sports 体育运动的好处和坏处

  Sports do us good in many respects (TS). It goes without saying that taking exercises can build up our physical strength. In collective sports like basketball, volleyball, or football, we will learn the importance of cooperation. While taking part in sports game, we will try our best to win and arouse ourselves the competitive spirit. Sports can also help us relax after a period of exhausting work. However, as the saying goes, "there are two sides to everything", and sports is without exception. We may hurt other players or ourselves if we are not careful enough when participating in sports activities. What''s more, excessive or severe training can do harm to our health.

  My participation in sports tells me that sports can make us healthy both physically and psychologically. It is also a good way for people to know each other and can promote friendship between people. So long as we are carefully enough, sports can do us nothing but good.



  Olympic Opening Ceremony 北京奥运开幕式

  北京奥运开幕式(Olympic Opening Ceremony)

  The world will be stunned by China's opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on August 8 in Beijing, The Sydney Morning Herald said on Friday.?

  In a story about the rehearsal of the Olympic opening ceremony on Wednesday night, the paper quoted Ric Birch, a chief adviser to the director of the ceremony Zhang Yimou, as saying that "The world can expect, of course, to be gobsmacked."?

  Birch, an Australian, has been involved in all the opening ceremonies since he cemented his reputation as a creative guru at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984.?

  The story said the extravagant light show of the rehearsal also featured the inner shell of Beijing National Stadium, known as the Bird's Nest, lit in a vibrant red.?

  It added that Zhang Yimou has been trying to fit 5,000 years of Chinese culture into 50 minutes during the grand opening ceremony. However, weather is another challenge for the ceremony, the paper added.?



  一篇关于北京奥运会开幕式的彩排报道中,总导演张艺谋的首席顾问Ric Birch说:“整个世界毫无疑问将为之目瞪口呆。”?




  Playing Game is fun only you win? 比赛要赢了才有趣吗?





  A Swimming Match in My Family 家庭游泳比赛

  Everyone in my family likes sports. Father, mother and I go out to do exercise almost every day in our spare time. Yesterday we went to the swimming pool and held a swimming match there. Father was swimming so fast that he got the first prize. I won the second place and mother was the last. If I keep on practicing, I believe I can outdo my father someday.